"Ancient Future"  Block Island

Materials: Driftwood, Metal Cornerbead, Fish Vertebrae 

Ancient Future - Block Island

3 Basic thoughts run through my mind whenever I ponder Block Island.

1st Most basic is of course the sea. The sea, it’s salty water, the vast array of fish and marine life, its all encompassing embrace, for better and for worse, of our small muddy mound.

2nd Building, Buildings, Construction, Conservation, Boxes we live in, Boxes we buy things in, Squares and rectangles we cover our ancient mud hill with, again for better and for worse.

3rd Ancient Block Island Land mass. Once much larger, connected to Montauk. Someday much smaller. Someday to be extinct.

This sculpture uses 3 basic native materials to project these 3 driving inner images of our Great Place. 

Eric Von Arx