Block Island Sculpture Show 2008

   Eric Von Arx     Ken MacDonald    Justin Perlman     Karen Wassmer  

  Justin Monroe    Ryk Wilkinson    Derek van Lent    Joe DeMarco 




"Origins" - Eric Von Arx

Recycled, made from parts of "Ancient - Future".

This piece reconstructs sculpture material and form from the inaugural Block Island show. Representing ideas stemming from the original "Ancient - Future" to continuing a short but ongoing tradition of material and thought for past, present, and future shows.


"Daphne" - Justin Perlman


"Outside the Eye" - Joe DeMarco


"Bad Fish" - Justin Monroe



"The Eye" - Karen Wassmer



"Contained Exuberance" - Eric Von Arx


"Star Spangled Banner" - Ryk Wilkinson

SOLD "Star Spangled Banner" has been Sold and Gifted to an Island Resident.


"Blocky" - Ken MacDonald

SOLD **Blocky has left the island. He's been taken to his new permanent home in Virginia.**

"Blocky" has quickly become a mascot for the island. Block Islanders started a tradition of placing beads around his arms, neck and in his shellfish basket.

He remains a legacy of our inaugural show.

"I am the Storm" - Ken MacDonald


"Squid Attack" - Eric Von Arx


"Wingless Flight" - Eric Von Arx

**Looks like "Wingless Flight" may be SOLD and Heading to The Hotchkiss School in Ct.**



    "Deanna's Sleepy Garden" - Derek van Lent                "Packing Crates" - Derek van Lent

"Deanna's Sleepy Garden" and "Packing Crates" are both permentent year round installations that serve as anchors for our yearly ephemeral gathering.




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