SICA "Sculptoure" 2008
Long Branch, NJ

May 10 - Oct. 15. 2008

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Rusted Woven Rebar Grid
In an ongoing obsession to create sculpture in the most simplistic ways with the most basic materials, 
I present “Hernia”
Stripped down to the bare essentials, “Hernia” stands as both a personal and societal introspection.

Through the use of a rusted rebar grid representing a “Patch”, the ideas of fixing, covering up, making repairs in both an individual human and the society he or she lives in is pushed forward to be examined and questioned by the viewer.

This site-specific work is meant to pose the specific question to its audience of How and Why do we “Patch up” our perceived blighted areas. What type of “cover up” will we use? And Why do we need to do it at all? What judgments are we making as individuals about other individuals? What societal judgments do we make? Why is “Our Patch” the right or wrong thing to do?

If a patch is so big that it smothers everything it’s meant to fix than the cure may be worse than the disease.

"Nude Descending a Stairway to Heaven, No.X" 

Stacked Concrete Block 

Use your own Brain 

"Lost City"
Weathered wood Galvanized Pipe 

“Lost City” reminds us that nothing lasts forever. While yearning for a simpler, better time, we often wish we could go back to days gone by and lust for “the way it was”. “Lost City” also represents what will happen in our future. Soon enough we will be the ones future generations look back to with a yearning in their hearts. That’s what our arrogance makes us think anyway. But for this to happen we must first create an atmosphere and environment to be worthy of such deep future feelings. Are we now on that path? Or are we designing something our children will want to quickly be rid of? Beauty is in the eyes of the beholders while the strong pure souls are able to transcend time and place.

The above 3 pieces ("Hernia", "Nude Descending a Stairway to Heaven, No.X" & "Lost City") together make up "Disjointed Triptych" 

 “Disjointed Triptych” is made up of 3 separate yet entwined site specific pieces created to question and examine our societal ideals through the past, present, and future.  Each work is designed to individually challenge its target. The use, in each, of basic construction materials further pushes forward this inquisition. Together the 3 pieces within the triptych unite to pose long-term questions about our choices as the localized human species.




              "Balanced"                "One Buckin Thing"        "Paper or Plastic"




  "Artistic Platforms"                    "Missing Tree"


"Blacksmithed Beast / Aka. - Rust the Magic Dragon"

Created and Assembled by NJBA (New Jersey Blacksmith Association) at the "Sculpt" demonstration for "Sculptoure 2008"

"ESB #4"


       "Coneboy?"                     "Flyboy?"

  "The Wedding Dancers"               "Snowball Fight"


       "El Nuevo?"                                                 "Lifted Equality" 




"The Cat Harp"



"Stepping Out"